Artist Statement

My current work is a continued exploration of color, texture, text and repetition. I find that I am interested in the cast off pieces of our lives, that in the moment have meaning. From birthday cards to imagery we create, deconstructing and reassembling only the meaningful pieces creates a new and exciting image that I feel causes my viewers to peer closely into the work, and connect with their origins, while exploring a new visual whole.

My process has been compared to strip piecing or quilting. Strip piecing is a patchwork quilt-making technique that is accomplished by sewing multiple fabrics together to create a “strip set” that looks just like a portion of a quilt block. The strip set is cut apart to yield segments that replace two or more pieces of fabric. I employ a similar method with found materials and papers I construct. I really enjoy this comparison, as when I was young, my paternal grandmother taught me to sew and I remember making a quilt block in fourth grade – fast forward and I see this process continuing in my current practice. Thus, I have brought multiple experiences and processes into my current work including the incorporation of a personal practice of kintsugi (golden joinery) from time spent in Japan within my imagery.

I hope you enjoy my recent works on paper, paintings and handmade prints. I work to continually explore themes and investigations from my daily life as an artist, educator, father, and gardener in 21st century Texas.